Irish Schools Athletics Association Rules – Update

Since the Irish Schools Athletics Association AGM last December, there have been changes in the selection criteria for the SIAB International T&F. See highlighted text below:-

SIAB International Track & Field Selection Criteria
The selection committee will consist of one representative from each province, the
President of the ISAA and the Administrative Director. Two athletes in each event in track
and field will be selected.

All athletes will be selected based on their performance at the Tailteann Interprovincial
Games only in that current year with the first two athletes available selected in each
event. The selection of under 15 athletes by their Province may only be allowed if the athlete has their 15th birthday in July or August on that year. 

The publishing of selected athletes (Selection Announcement) on Athletics Ireland website after a selection meeting will be deemed the commencement of the 24 – hour period to lodge – A Selection Appeals in accord with this Selection Policy.

Any athlete who is not selected in accordance with this Selection Policy may appeal their
non-selection to ISAA providing they: Have submitted their appeal to the Administrative
Director of the ISAA in accordance with timelines contained in this Selection Policy (24 Hour
window – Post announcement of the team)
The Grounds upon which a Selection decision may be appealed are limited to the following:
There has been an alleged failure by Selection Panel to follow or apply the relevant
Selection Procedure and/or criteria set out in the Selection Policy, and/or The decision for
selection for the championship has been reached based on an error of fact.

See Irish Schools Athletics Association Rules here –

Reminder Regarding Competition Byes:

Since the Irish Schools Athletics Association AGM in December 2017, the rules relating to Competition Byes have changed. A motion was passed at that AGM and there are now only three circumstances where athletes can apply for a Bye: –

  1. If the applicant is sitting a State Exam on the day of the competition
  2. If the applicant has been selected by his/her National governing body to compete in a recognised International
  3. Family bereavement

Can you please pass this information onto your relevant athletes, parents and coaches.